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vampy ♥ she/they ♥ 24 yrs old ♥ professional dreamer

hiiiii! i go by vampy online, i looove cute things, anime, manga, and visual novels especially!!!! my favorites are higurashi, subahibi, demonbane and ciconia! anything like, moe is probs my type of jam! hyper-cute, energetic type things are so fun :3 most of my day is spent just roaming the internet & talking to friendz! i'm slowly getting into fighting games, playing a lil bit of street fighter and maaaaaybe i'll go back to some like blazblue some day. TCGs are awesome too! vanguard, digimon and now the physical ver of shadowverse once it's officially out :3 i got bored so im gonna take a break now, ill mess with this more 2morrow. baiiiii!