⛧ Diary




it's 12:31am upon making this, so we'll just kinda pretend that this entry is for both the 11th and the 12th! what a busy day it's been. for some reason, i got very inspried to make a website like this. i feel like it was partly because of a tiktok or a twitter post i saw, but here i am. i haven't done any sort of coding in years - ever since i was big into my tumblr days - so doing all this was quite the feat. on top of that, i had my usual work meeting in the morning to go to, so i was sort of all over the place.

i ended up looking at all sorts of sites for different graphics to use and inspiration for this. i think if i knew a bit more coding i would go in a much more different direction. for now i'd rather keep it simple so i don't get too overwhelmed and end up giving up. i want to really focus on this and put my all into it. i think it would help a lot with my depression to have a bit of an outlet. or at the very least someplace to dump info into.

i found a bunch of higurashi pics while going through things which just reminds me of how much i fucking love higu. satoko and rena especially because i relate to them both a lot. i know a lot of people didn't like the new anime seasons for higurashi because of what they did with rika and satoko, but honestly i felt like i understood satoko. i'm not saying she didn't do fucked up things because she absolutely did, but i can also sympathize with her on some level. it makes me want to go through and read the visual novel again but my backlog is so massive that i need to keep on reading some newer stuff first. but i should give higurashi a try with the old sprites enabled. it's just such a great art style and people shouldn't put it down so hard!

otherwise, today was a good day. i wish i had a bit more money so i could get some actual food. all i ate today was... well, noodles and peas. i had some leftover points from the mcdonalds app so i grabbed myself a 6pc nugget on my back from my meeting. i really need to get better at budgeting my money so i'm not constantly running out. kinda hard for me to plan out my life and be prepared for this stuff when i wasn't expecting to live past 15-16. i get paid monday though which is nice, but man that can't come fast enough. there's a really good taqueria nearby that i might splurge on once i get my paycheck. they have the most amaaaay-zing birria tacos. i'm drooling just thinking about.

i think that's it for now though, i might add to this during the day tomorrow/today. just depends. thanks for reading~