⛧ About Me

⛧ name: lambda

⛧ age: 24

⛧ pronouns: she/her or they/them

⛧ location: insulation foam in my attic

⛧ status: taken as of 2.8.2022

⛧ hi, i'm lambda! thanks for wanting to get to know me. i'm not the best at talking about myself, but i'll try here. i'm mentally ill and i talk about that pretty frequently. in the early 2010's i was diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and then in 2018 i was diagnosed with bpd as well. my interests and personality tend to fluncuate, so what's in this might change a lot. that's all really!

⛧ likes:

  • anime: shinsekai yori, hell girl, nana, black rock shooter, madoka magica, deadman wonderland, azumanga daioh
  • music: ghost, utsu-p, set it off, inabakumori, goreshit, sewerslvt
  • video games: sonic frontiers, horizon zero dawn, atelier ryza
  • visual novels: higurashi, umineko, ciconia, clannad, nekopara, iwaihime