⛧ Update Log


this is the 1.0 updates for the website! the name has been changed multiple times, you can find the previous names below.

nitroplus from soultype

⛧ About

name: vampy

age: 24

location: hinamizawa

welcome to my little corner of the web! thanks for stopping by, i hope you're enjoying your stay so far.

this site is mostly going to be for me to practice html while also keeping a pretty website going. it's always been a dream of mine to have made something like this, and with the help of my lovely boyfriend i was able to. for now i'll just be making diary entries and planning other pages.

since i'm doing this while also learning the basics, all updates will be going slow. so for right now, NONE of the other pages will work on the new home page layout. i need time to fix them to fit this, so they will redirect to the old layout.

otherwise, please feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook and enjoy your stay!